Eagle Pride

Proud to Be Eagles

The mascot of St. Gertrude is the American eagle. This bird has come through our country’s history as a symbol of strength, wisdom and beauty. Through extremely vulnerable and unsightly at birth, the young eagle soon grows and matures into one of the finest and strongest birds in existence. We ask our children to look at the eagle as a symbol of their personal goals. Just as the eagle can soar in the sky higher than any other bird, we want our students to place no limits on their dreams and aspirations. With keen eyesight, the eagle perceives opportunities and we want our pupils to use the keen insight of wisdom acquired through academic opportunities to become good Christians and honest citizens. When seen in flight the eagle’s beauty and inner strength is surpassed by a confident, compassionate, person who is aware of personal strengths and limitations and who works to help others in need.

Watch Us Soar!

The eagle is not a picture to be seen or worn, but a symbol of the spiritual and academic life of a student at St. Gertrude School.


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