About Us

We are a private Catholic Elementary School and we understand how important the first years of a child’s life are and how in these formative years, quality teachers and the message of the Gospel can coincide to help our students begin their lives on a positive and bright path.

Our Philosophy

At Saint Gertrude Catholic Elementary School, we recognize and help each student to see himself/herself as a unique individual, created lovingly by God and redeemed by His Son. Our Catholic School, therefore, strives to enter fully “into the saving mission of the Church, especially in the need for education in the faith.” (Congregation of Catholic Education: the Catholic School, #9) We endeavor to create a loving climate of concern for all areas of human development of our students: spiritual, intellectual, social, psychological, physical and aesthetic, thus educating the whole child. “This integration of religious truth and values with life distinguishes the Catholic school from other schools.” (To Teach as Jesus Did, #105)

“Without forgetting, then, that parents/guardians are the first to communicate the faith to their children and to educate them,” (Apostolate of Laity, #11) we seek to complement and enrich this responsibility. Our purpose, therefore as Catholic educators is to serve as “partners of the parents/guardians” (Declaration on Christian Education, #8) in educating our students to become responsible citizens and good Christians empowering them to reach out beyond themselves to others.

“Community is at the heart of Christian education not simply as a concept to be taught but as a reality to be lived. (To teach as Jesus Did, #23) As a faith community, we strive to build and form the sense of community and belonging in our students. Thus our faith community-students, parents/guardians, teachers, clergy, sisters, and non-teaching staff” offers students a vivid image of the Church and makes recognition of its riches easier.” (The Lay Members of Christ’s Faithful People, #222) Together we respond to the Gospel message of service to others.

As Salesian educators, we follow the methods and example of Saint John Bosco. We strive to create in our school a family-like atmosphere whereby each student is accepted and challenged to develop personal strengths. By the use of reason, religion, loving- kindness and stressing all that is positive, we make St. John Bosco’s dream for youth our own.


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