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Our School in the Tidings!

“Father Randy is an amazing pastor who is easy to work with and cares deeply about the school’s place in the parish community,” says St. Gertrude School principal Mary Flock. “He believes that the school is a ministry of the parish, not a separate entity, and that type of support makes all the difference. My goal is to get the children to walk the Gospel. Our faith is a journey and we walk it together.”

Father Campos is impressed by the strength of his parishioners’ faith. “They are always welcoming and have a deep spirituality,” he observes. The one word best fits his parish? “Hospitality.”

Maria Orozco Cota, administrative assistant at St. Gertrude School, has been a parishioner for 50 years, and has worked at the school nearly 20 years. “I feel proud of St. Gertrude and all the good things going on here. I’ve seen changes and growth, and we are still growing. It’s a joy for people coming to school and to church. It’s a joy to work in the school. It’s a family here.”

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